Magazine Luiza is one of the largest retail chains in the country, focusing on durable assets and enjoying a strong geographic reach across Brazil’s low-income class with 45 million registered clients.
Our objective is to sell products and services that generate personal satisfaction and happiness largely to Brazil’s C class. We offer a highly diversified products mix focused on household appliances, electronic products, technology, furniture and kitchen, domestic utilities, toys and others. The range covers all age groups within a family.
Nowadays we operate 786 stores, employing more than 24 thousand staff and running nine distribution centers. We are present in 16 Brazilian states, representing 75% of the world’s seventh largest economy’s GDP.
Today, Magazine Luiza is strategically inserted in a segment considered to be the engine behind national economic growth where the main driving element is consumption. The expectation is that this sector will continue to outpace GDP expansion over the next decade thanks to strong demand fuelled by rising revenue per capita, low unemployment, increasing access to affordable credit and class migration.
We are well positioned to capture this demand, give continuity to the company’s growth and strengthen our value proposition to all of our stakeholders.
Nationally, we set ourselves apart thanks to our multichannel sales platform which allows our clients to choose where, when and how they buy their wares.
We are much more than a retail company. With our subsidiaries, we facilitate buying by offering credit services via Luizacred, insurance through Luizaseg, and major purchases of cars, properties and services through Consórcio Luiza.
We also offer excellence in service to all four corners of the Country by being always attentive to our customers, their behaviour and market trends. All of our staff are guided by a single philosophy, known as the Jeito Luiza de Ser – Luiza’s Way of Being, which is based on one golden rule: Do to others what you would have them do to you. We value our special relationship with many stakeholders whether they be staff, service providers, suppliers or clients, putting them always in first place. For 17 years, we are among the best companies to work for in Brazil.


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